RDA Bibliography is a partner-blog of RDA Blog. It provides an alternative interface to the posts of RDA Blog in the Category : Articles Books Presentations Etc. on Resource Description & Access. RDA Blog provides all the posts on articles, books, presentations, and videos in one single Category : Articles Books Presentations Etc. Here in RDA Bibliography these posts are given different categories, so that if you want to see only articles on RDA, you can go to Category : Articles or if you want to see only books on RDA, you can go to Category : Books. Additionally you can browse through tags given in the left frame to refine your search further. The Bibliography Page provides a spreadsheet view of documents with proper bibliographic details and a link to RDA Blog post, which then redirects to the primary sources published on Resource Description and Access (RDA) and other other related topics, like AACR2, FRBR, FRAD, FRSAD, MARC 21, library cataloging, BIBFRAME, Linked Data, and so on… RDA Bibliography aims to become the single largest bibliography of materials on RDA and cataloging and other related topics.

Author: Salman Haider

See also: RDA Resources in RDA Blog

RDA Bibliography is best viewed in Google’s Chrome web browser.

Please suggest new resources to be included in RDA Bibliography.


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