Books on Resource Description and Access (RDA)

  • New directions in information organization. by Jung-Ran Park (Author, Editor), Lynne C. Howarth (Editor). 2013. Emerald Publishing. 262 pages. Bingley, U.K.
  • RDA : strategies for implementation. Magda El-Sherbini. 2013. ALA Editions. x, 394 pages. Chicago.
  • Cataloguing and Decision-Making in a Hybrid Environment : The transition from AACR2 to RDA. Anne Welsh. 2016. Facet Publishing. 224 pages. London. [Forthcoming]
  • RDA Essentials. Thomas Brenndorfer. 2016. Facet Publishing. 400 pages. London. [Forthcoming]

See RDA Blog post RDA Bibliography for links to primary sources mentioned here.

Format of bibliographic description here is similar to description on Bibliography Page of RDA Bibliography: Title. Author/Editor/Compiler. Year. Publisher/Journal. Pages/Volume/Issue/Slides/Minutes. Place.

This is a compilation from Google Alerts and other sources and searches. Check complete compilation so far in the Bibliography Page of RDA Bibliography containing Articles, Books, Presentations, Thesis, and Videos on Resource Description and Access (RDA)


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