Articles on Resource Description and Access (RDA)

  • Resource Description and Access (RDA) Database Enrichment: The Path to a Hybridized Catalog. Roman S. Panchyshyn , Amey L. Park. 2015. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. Volume 53, Issue. 2, pages 214-233.
  • FRBR, Twenty Years On. Karen Coyle. 2015. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. Volume 53, Issue. 3-4, pages 265-285.
  • Breaking Records: The History of Bibliographic Records and Their Influence in Conceptualizing Bibliographic Data. Rachel Ivy Clarke. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. Volume 53, Issue. 3-4, pages 286-302.
  • A Comparison of Recorded Authority Data Elements and the RDA Framework in Chinese Character Cultures. Maiko Kimura. 2014. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly.
  • A Turning Point for Catalogs: Ranganathan’s Possible Point of View. Carlo Bianchini , Mauro Guerrini. 2015. Volume 53, Issue. 3-4, pages 341-351.
  • Music Presentation Format: Toward a Cataloging Babel? Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi. 2015. Volume 53, Issue. 3-4, pages 399-413.
  • Cataloger Makeover: Creating Non-MARC Name Authorities. Violeta Ilik. 2015. Volume 53, Issue. 3-4, pages 382-398.
  • E-Book Cataloging (NCSU Libraries). Denise A. Garofalo. 2015. Technical Services Quarterly. Volume 32, Issue 1, page 96.
  • A Review of RDA: Strategies for Implementation. Peter H. Lisius. 2015. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. Volume 53, Issue 1, pages 120-122. [Book Review]
  • A Review of Maxwell’s Handbook for RDA: Resource Description & Access: Explaining and Illustrating RDA: Resource Description and Access Using MARC 21. Karen Snow. 2015. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. Volume 53, Issue 1, pages 116-119. [Book Review]
  • Modeling Resource Description Tasks in RDA. Shoichi Taniguchi. 2015. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. Volume 53, Issue 1, pages 88-111.
  • AACR2 to RDA: Is Knowledge of Both Needed during the Transition Period? Peter H. Lisius. 2015. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. Volume 53, Issue 1, pages 40-70.
  • Changing the Rules? RDA and cataloguing in Europe. Alan Danskin, Katharine Gryspeerdt. 2014. LIBER Quarterly. Volume 24, Number 2.
  • New directions in information organization. Anne Sara. 2014. The Australian Library Journal. Volume 63, Issue 4, page 337. [Book Review]
  • The impact of Bibframe. Thomas Meehan. 2014. Catalogue and Index. 16 pages
  • RDA: Resource Description and Access: The new standard for metadata and resource discovery in the digital age. Carlo Bianchini, Mauro Guerrini. 2015. 11 pages.
  • A Review of Making the Move to RDA: A Self-Study Primer for Catalogers. Robert Rendall. 2015. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. Volume 53, Issue 2, pages 252-255. [Book Review]
  • Common Ground: Exploring Compatibilities Between the Linked Data Models of the Library of Congress and OCLC. Carol Jean Godby, Ray Denenberg. 2015. Library of Congress and OCLC Research. 12 pages. Dublin, Ohio.
  • The expansion of the personal name authority record under Resource Description and Access Current status and quality considerations. Heather Lea Moulaison. 2015. IFLA Journal. Volume 41, Number 1, pages 13-24.
  • RDA in Turkey: Perceptions and Expectations on Implementation. Doğan Atılgan, Nevzat Özel, Tolga Çakmak. 2015. Volume 6, Number 2, 17 pages.
  • Basic Serials Cataloging Workshop. Les Hawkins , Hien Nguyen , Stephen Kharfen. 2015.  The Serials Librarian. Volume 68, Issue 1-4, pages 5-16.
  • Book review: Robert L. Maxwell, Maxwell’s Handbook for RDA: Explaining and Illustrating RDA: Resource Description and Access Using MARC 21. C Higgins. 2015. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science. Volume 47, Number 2, pages 168-169.
  • Towards a FRBR compliant catalogue: prospects for the City of Cape Town Public Library Management System. Niels Ruppelt. 2015. IFLA WLIC. 22 pages.
  • RDA, Resource Description & Access and Cartographic Resources by Paige G. Andrew, Susan M. Moore, and Mary Lynette Larsgaard. David J. Bertuca. 2015. Technical Services Quarterly. Volume 32, Issue 3, pages 360-361. [Book Review]
  • Using RDA to Improve User Experience. A Report of the ALCTS Catalog Form and Function Interest Group Meeting. American Library Association Annual Conference, Las Vegas, June 2014. Kelsey Brett , Ruth Elder. 2015. Technical Services Quarterly. Volume 32, Issue 3, pages 313-316.
  • Core Concepts for Future Cataloguers. Natalia Garea García, Anne Welsh, Antonis Bikakis, Simon Mahony, Charlie Inskip and Mira Vogel. 2015. University College London. 30 pages.

See RDA Blog post RDA Bibliography for links to primary sources mentioned here.

Format of bibliographic description here is similar to description on Bibliography Page of RDA Bibliography: Title. Author/Editor/Compiler. Year. Publisher/Journal. Pages/Volume/Issue/Slides/Minutes. Place.

This is a compilation from Google Alerts and other sources and searches. Check complete compilation so far in the Bibliography Page of RDA Bibliography containing Articles, Books, Presentations, Thesis, and Videos on Resource Description and Access (RDA)


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